Why Your Business Proposals Need to Sparkle with Great Design

Like it or not, people do judge a book, or in this case your business proposal, by its cover; and every page that follows needs to look the part, too. Here are four reasons why you need to doll up your proposals with some inspired graphic design.

  1. Great design can help your proposal stand out from the pack All too often, business proposals are presented as boring, bland booklets consisting of a ho-hum title page followed by your brilliant ideas in basic black and white. Although your ideas hold the true power to close the deal, your lack of aesthetics and eye-catching design leave your proposal at risk of getting lost in the stack with your competitors. Help it stand out with a little pop of color, some captivating images, and a few solid attempts to make your brand the centerpiece of your presentation.

  2. A little design can help illustrate your originality Showing your creative side, even in a boring business proposal, shows that you’re an “out-of-the-box” thinker. People tend to believe that those with any artistic ability at all are creative and must have impeccable problem-solving skills. Whether it’s true or not, the appearance of originality certainly provides you that advantage. When you present a well-designed proposal, you’re essentially showcasing your ability to think differently than the rest, which is exactly what your potential clients are looking for.

  3. Your prospect is more likely to read everything you’re presenting Truth is, most prospects skip the content and jump straight to pricing before going back to read anything else. If your numbers are savvy enough to fall within their budget, you may make it to that second pass. Alternatively, if you’ve provided a bit of attractive design to draw their eyes and get their attention, your prospect will be infinitely more inclined to give your proposal a more thorough analysis.

  4. For some, not all, it makes crafting a proposal more fun Let’s be honest, for a lot of people, putting a proposal together is difficult, sometimes tedious work. If that’s you, why not think of it as a type of art project? If you’re the kind of person who dreads spreadsheets but likes to think creatively, spending some time focused on the design of your proposal can make the boring parts tolerable by breaking up the monotony of the process with some stuff you actually enjoy.

Putting in the extra effort to make your proposals look good is guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment of your time. But remember not to overdo it. Keep the design clean, organized, original, and easy-to-read. After all, it’s still a business proposal, not a first-semester art school project. Good luck!

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